The AquaStudio is an indispensable tool for observing, measuring, photographing and video recording live fish in the field, aquarium or laboratory.

Fabricated in Australia, the AquaStudio is made from durable Plexiglas, making them lightweight and corrosion-proof. 

For storage and travel, the transparent AquaStudio face is protected by a hinged fold-up cover plate. They also come with a felt cover and instruction booklet for how to get the best out of your AquaStudio.

The neutral grey background and protective face double as white balance settings for getting your camera’s white balance spot on, or for post processing.

Three standard sizes are available and each smaller size fits inside the next size up (measurements are in millimetres, W x H xD):

Small:       95 x 92 x 18        $35

Medium:    158 x 130 x 30     $55

Large:       355 x 202 x 58     $85

Custom sizes can also be made to order.