Aquatica 'Environmental' launch...
Friday 1st July 2014

We have finally opened our consulting arm 'Aquatica Environmental':

"Where this site, Aquatica Australia, offers a range of aquatic research products, Aquatica Environmental is our consulting arm.

Aquatica Environmental is an environmental and ecological consultancy specialising in the study and management of marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems, aquatic biota and habitats.

Aquatica Environmental is committed to working in partnership with our clients using use best-practice science, innovative technology and leading research to provide practical, timely and accurate project solutions.Our service offerings come from extensive experience in aquatic sciences, ecology, project management, aquaculture, NRM and aquatic ecosystem consulting.   With a strong background in both small specialised and large multidisciplinary projects, and an established network of technical specialists, Aquatica Environmental can tailor research teams to suit any project requirement. 

Aquatica Environmental has the capability to service all your ecological needs including preliminary site inspections, due diligence assessments and legislative advice, detailed and targeted biodiversity surveys, management and mitigation planning, permits and approvals, site supervision and training.  

At Aaquatica Environmental we have the passion, skills and sector experience to offer a range of consulting services.   Our aim is to assist clients achieve positive project and environmental outcomes cost effectively"

Visit the Aquatica Environmental site for further information.

  Aquatica Australia's relaunch... coming soon...
Friday 6th June 2014
After another quite year at Aquatica headquarters due to Aaron being busy on other exploits, time has finally been freed up and Aquatica is about to relaunch offering a range of freshwater and marine aquatic ecology research and assessment equipment.  Stay tuned.


Aquatica Australia's new web site goes live...
Friday 10th May 2013
Finally Aquatica's web site is live. Yes, its missing lots of info, photos and details, but it is up and running. So please be patient and check back regularly to see what we have added and updated. 


AA's Stationary...
Thursday 4th Arpil 2013
The fantastic designer who pulled together Aquatica's logo also produced for us a great looking stationary set. Check it out in the Gallery page. 

Aquatica Australia's new logo design...
Friday 15th March 2013
At long last Aquatica's new logo is complete. We feel it encompasses Aquatica Australia really well with our favourite colour pallet, watery look, circular shape and of course… a fish! We used 99 Designs for the design competition and had over 160 designs submitted by over 50 designers.


Where it all began for AA's product...
Sometime... around 2008
Not where Aquatica Australia actaually began, but where Aquatica's aquatic research product offerings began. This image of a pair of Agassiz's Glassfish was taken while on a fish survey near Gladston Queensland. I know this is not in itself huge news, but the photo was taken using the very first version of the AquaStudio.

Aquatica Australia's real begining circa 2001...
Somewhere... around
The image on the left is one of Aquatica's earlier products (Dual Chamber Calcium Rector).